2023 Piano Contest List

Location: Foundry UM (same as last year) on Jones Rd.

Jones Road Campus
8350 Jones Rd.
Houston, Texas 77065

Start 9am. Recital same day. We will estimate the time of the recital after we have all the entries.

Date: March 4, 2023

Fee: : $25

Piano Contest List 2023 – NWHMTA

Early Elementary

1-Early Elementary K-3 Summertime Polka | Gillock | Accent on Solos Elementary

2-Early Elementary Grades 4-6

Little Waltz Op. 82 No. 12 Location 1: Gurlitt Free IMSLP: https://s9.imslp.org/files/imglnks/usimg/9/91/IMSLP520318-PMLP701003-Gurlitt-_First_steps-_part_1_(etc).pdf

Location 2: Exploring Piano Classics Preparatory Level Repertoire – Nancy Bachus (Alfred pub)


3-Elementary K-3 Ladybug Boogie Martha Mier Location: https://www.alfred.com/the-best-of-martha-mier-book-1/p/00-16610/

4-Elementary Grades 4-6 Twister Wendy Stevens Location: https://composecreate.com/product/twister/

Late Elementary

5-Late Elementary K-3 Splashing in the Brook Gillock

6-Late Elementary Grades 4-6 Argentina Gillock

Early Intermediate

7-Early Intermediate Grades 1-3 October Song Diane Hidy

Location: https://composecreate.com/product/october/

8-Early Intermediate Grades 4 and up Whirlwind Bober Location: https://www.alfred.com/whirlwind/p/00-39438/


9-Intermediate Grades 1-3 Tango Dramatico Catherine Rollin Location: https://www.alfred.com/tango-dramatico/p/00-38995/

10-Intermediate Grades 4 and up Flamenco Gillock (Accent on Solos)

Late Intermediate

11-Late Intermediate Grades 1-3 Harpsichord Sonata Gillock Accent on Rhythm and Style

12-Late Intermediate Grades 4 and up Sonata in Am Russel Jacoby (b. 1949) Location: https://pianoadventures.com/piano-books/developing-artist/piano-sonatinas-book-2/

Early Advanced

13-Early Advanced Grades 1-3 Sonatina Op. 27 No. 18 Dimitri Kabalevsky Bastien Literature Bk. 3

14-Early Adanced Grades 4 and up Tango a la Mango Dennis Alexander

Location: https://www.alfred.com/a-splash-of-color-book-3/p/00-38971/


15-Advanced Sonata Op. 4 No. 1 1st movement Clementi Location: https://www.alfred.com/clementi-six-sonatas-opus-4-opus-37-38/p/00-2421/

Late Advanced

16-Late Advanced Juba byNathaniel Dett Location:


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