TMTA Activities

Student Affiliate is a program of the Texas Music Teachers Association inaugurated in 1951, to provide for the student a wider musical experience than is usually afforded in private music study with recognition for achievement in various phases of musical education and activity.

The Texas Music Teachers Association offers activities for students taking private instrumental lessons. Points can be accrued for these activities throughout your years of study. These activities include:

Ensemble | Original Composition Contest | Performance Contest | Publication and Creative Video Contest | Theory | World of Music

NWHMTA changes a $14 fee each year for SA membership 

Educational Programs for Students (SA)

Students in grades 1-12 may participate in the theory program, which is an excellent preparation for AP Music Theory exams or college-level music theory. Students who earn medals with scores of 90 or higher may also receive cash awards and recognition during their senior year at the state convention. A similar program also exists for music history, the TMTA World of Music program. This program is also for grades 1- 12. Students who earn medals with scores of 90 or higher may also receive cash awards and recognition during their senior year at the state convention.

Publication (SA) 

The Publication Contest is open to both pre-collegiate and collegiate students. Students write an essay on one of two musical topics for each division. Winning articles are published and winners receive monetary awards. Students in grades 4-12 may participate in a video contest. A single topic is given for both levels. The videos are posted on the website and the winners receive monetary awards. 


Numerous opportunities for musical collaboration exist through TMTA. Students may participate in chamber music groups at the TMTA Convention. Some groups perform in a master class, while some ensembles may choose to compete in the June Leondar Chamber Music/Ensemble Contest for monetary awards. The TMTA Convention Ensemble Concerts (SA) offer a unique opportunity for students to perform in a large piano ensemble in one of nine concerts. Fifteen grand pianos are used in these non-competitive performances. Another collaborative opportunity is through the Digital Keyboard Orchestra, a sight-reading session held at convention on digital instruments using various instrumental sounds.


Performance Contests (SA) are available for students in grades seven through collegiate levels. Students compete first in a local contest and then advance to a regional contest. Winners of the regional contests then participate in the semi-final and final competition levels at the TMTA Convention. Winners receive monetary awards. The All-Star Festival is a performance opportunity available to students attending convention who have earned a top rating in another festival or contest during the school year. Soloists are adjudicated and receive a medal.  

Participation Awards (SA) 

Students who have participated in the ensemble program for at least nine years are eligible for special ensemble awards. Senior awards are available for ensemble, theory, World of Music, and participation. The awards are funded through the Texas Music Teachers Educational Foundation.

Collegiate Awards 

In addition to the awards collegiate students may win, a collegiate award of $2000 is available for undergraduate students earning a music degree. Collegiate presidents of student chapters are eligible for a travel grant to attend the national conference.

Pre-College Opportunities


North Texas Young Artist Piano and Strings Competition
April 24-May 1, 2021

Houston Forum Young Artist Competition
May 2021

Spotlight Piano Competition
July 10, 2021

The TMTA SA Original Composition Contest encourages students to compose their own compositions. With their private teacher’s guidance, students can compose solo (single instrument) or ensemble (two or more instruments) compositions that may be submitted to the state contest for adjudication by highly qualified judges. Compositions may be written for any medium. 

All entries must meet the requirements listed in the TMTA Handbook.  This includes that students in grades 1-12 must have passed an appropriate state-graded theory test.

TMTA SA Ensembles
The state of Texas is home to the largest piano ensemble program in the United States. Each year at the convention, over 6000 students have an opportunity to perform in one of nine concerts on a stage with 15 grand pianos. The TMTA Ensemble Program gives the beginner, intermediate, and advanced piano student the unique opportunity to play with other pianists in a piano ensemble.

IMPORTANT: All entries must be submitted to the state by your Local Ensemble Chair. Procedures and deadlines for submitting to your local chair will vary by association.
For more information or questions:

Students and parents: Contact your teacher. If your teacher is unsure, contact your local association.
Teachers: Refer to the TMTA Handbook or contact your Local Ensemble Chair.
Local Ensemble Chairs: Contact the TMTA Office.

TMTA Student Awards
TMTA recognizes students who have participated in TMTA events through a variety of ways to earn awards. These senior awards are presented at the Senior Award Ceremony during the TMTA Convention. The following are a list of awards available to graduating seniors:

  • Whitlock Memorial Senior Award
  • Student Affiliate State Participation Award
  • Elizabeth Morris Ensemble Award
  • Loving-Mansfield Gold Medal Theory Award
  • Mansfield Gold Medal Theory Award
  • Glenda Lanier Theory Award
  • Twelve-Year Medals Award
  • Twelve-Year Participation Certificate
  • Theory Achievement Senior Award
  • Theory Achievement Senior Certificate
  • Campbell-McGaughey World of Music Award
  • Janet McGaughey World of Music Award
  • U’Nita Sweatmon World of Music Award
  • Twelve Year World of Music Certificate Award